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Hacks and Flacks

On Hacks and Flacks - a podcast from March Communications - we talk with influencers, colleagues and experts about all things marketing, media, public relations, and communications. We'll also share stories and insights from the award-winning March blog. Winner of podcasting awards from the Publicity Club of New England and The Holmes Report. Subscribe to receive new episodes as they are published. All music provided by Job Creators.

Jun 3, 2016

Want to host an event? You better be organized. Organizing an industry event or trade show takes careful planning, collaboration, support from sponsors, great content and much more, as we learned in this week's interview with Erin Callanan, co-chair of PRXNE16, the annual conference for PRSA's North East district.

Erin is one of the chief organizers for PRXNE16 - held this year in our hometown of Boston - and we talked to her to get her expert tips on event organization. She also previews the PRXNE16 lineup, which features a keynote discussion on the media coverage surrounding this year's presidential election, plus a session on client messaging from March Managing Director Cheryl Gale.


  • 5:53 - The importance of sponsors
  • 11:10 - Why put on your own event?
  • 12:07 - Content is everything
  • 12:30 Preparing for the unexpected
  • 15:20 - Social media sessions at PRXNE16
  • 16:20 PRXNE16 keynote topics
  • 18:44 - Transitioning from communications to education panel
  • 19:45 - PRXNE16 spotlight sessions
  • 20:50 How do you build a content agenda for an event?


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