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Hacks and Flacks

Hacks and Flacks is a podcast that dissects PR, marketing and media from the inside out. We speak to comms experts and influencers to break down trends, share best practices and give advice. Winner of podcasting awards from the Publicity Club of New England and The Holmes Report. Produced by March Communications, an award-winning integrated PR and marketing agency with offices in Boston and Chicago. Subscribe to receive new episodes as they are published. For more visit

Nov 11, 2016

Most tech businesses abide by that old rule of thumb: never discuss politics and religion in polite company. However, this year we've seen many prominent individuals and companies thrust into the political spotlight, whether they wanted to be there or not. How have they responded? And as tech becomes more intertwined with our everyday life, should we expect to see more companies comment on social and political issues that are typically outside their depth?

In this episode of Hacks and Flacks (which, it's important to note, was recorded before the 2016 presidential election) Manny Veiga and Andrew Grzywacz discuss the communications responses of some of the biggest names in technology - Facebook, Airbnb, and even figures like Peter Thiel or Sheryl Sandberg - when faced with political issues. We also muse on the issues (data security, personal privacy) that could force B2B enterprises to wade into these murky waters.


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