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Hacks and Flacks

Hacks and Flacks is a podcast that dissects PR, marketing and media from the inside out. We speak to comms experts and influencers to break down trends, share best practices and give advice. Winner of podcasting awards from the Publicity Club of New England and The Holmes Report. Produced by March Communications, an award-winning integrated PR and marketing agency with offices in Boston and Chicago. Subscribe to receive new episodes as they are published. For more visit

Mar 13, 2015

To our friends in PR and marketing agencies: When something goes haywire, don't you wish you could escape and hide behind the plant? Lauren Peresada, Senior Customer Success Manager at Hubspot, knows the feeling.

This week, Lauren shares stories from her time as an account manager, what she sees as the differences between small business and enterprise clients, her blueprint for managing client crises, and why asking the obvious questions has saved her on many occasions.

And, in light of the news that Gigaom will be shutting down, we brought in March's Doug Flora to provide some additional prospective and provide his view of the current state of the tech journalism landscape.

The show's music is provided by Job Creators. Check them out at!